Medical Devices

Our company provides custom-made state of the art medical devices for the Healthcare industry. Our cutting-edge EEG/ERP devices and software along with PSG, Neurofeedback, and cognitive softwares are designed to improve patient outcomes and advance the field of research and clinical practice.

Animal Research

We cater to the needs of researchers in animal neuroscience by offering a wide range of specialized equipment. Our comprehensive solutions provide researchers with accurate and reliable tools to conduct in-depth studies on neurological function and behavior in animal models. With features such as behavioral video tracking, automated sleep scoring, and BESS EEG recording software, our tools enable researchers to facilitate a deeper understanding of the underlying neurological mechanisms of behavior and cognitive function.

Research Labs

Our company proudly offers state-of-the-art research facilities, including the Axxonet Brain Research Lab, equipped with cutting-edge technology and resources. With collaborations spanning across prestigious institutes, our team has contributed to numerous publications, solidifying our expertise in the field of neuroscience research. We provide an environment where researchers can thrive, conducting groundbreaking studies and advancing our understanding of the human brain and neurological disorders.

About Us

Advancing human knowledge in the field of neuroscience research

Axxonet is a leading manufacturer of hardware and software solutions for neurophysiological research. We offer versatile EEG equipment to provide end-to-end solutions for laboratory and mobile applications. For us, a solution is only a solution if it covers all of your research needs. Thus, you’ll find comprehensive solutions that cover the fields of EEG/ERP, BCI, mobile EEG, EEG & Brain Stimulation, EEG & fMRI, EEG & fNIRS, EEG & Eye Tracking, sleep research and more.

We welcome you to explore all our offerings: EEG amplifiers, caps, sensors, accessories, software solutions and much more. Dedicated to finding the best solution for you Through our highly qualified team and regularly trained distributors, we can offer our comprehensive solutions with top-notch scientific and technical support. We have offices and subsidiaries on three continents and a distributor network that serves over 60 countries. CONTACT YOUR DISTRIBUTOR TODAY!


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