EEG/ERP Devices

Amplify your research potential with our customizable xAMP and xAMP L 10 options – choose from a range of channels and bipolar combinations to suit your specific needs.


The xAmp series of amplifiers boasts an impressive range of features, including up to 128 channels, 24 bit resolution with simultaneous sampling of 20KHz per channel, low noise floor of <1 uV, and compatibility with third party headsets and headgear, including active electrodes, while also having direct interfaces with Axxonet’s innovative RapidCap for ultra-fast deployment, making it a versatile and customizable solution for high-quality recordings, whether wired or wireless.

xAMP L 10

Looking for a powerful and portable solution for your recording needs? Look no further than the xAmp L 10 series of amplifiers! With up to 32 channels, 24 bit resolution, and a low noise floor of <1 uV, you can capture high-quality recordings on-the-go. You’ll have everything you need for versatile and customizable recordings, whether wired or wireless. Get ready to unlock your recording potential with xAmp L 10!

Our cutting-edge EEG amplifier offers advanced technology for capturing and analyzing brain signals with accuracy and precision. Our device is designed to provide clinicians and researchers with a reliable tool for measuring and interpreting brain activity in real-time. Our focus on generating high-quality EEG data is reflected in the device’s advanced features, including its low noise levels, high resolution, and fast sampling rates. With our EEG amplifier, you can trust that you are capturing high-quality EEG data that will provide you with valuable insights into brain function and help you improve patient outcomes.