Rapid Cap

Unlock the full potential of your EEG recordings with RapidCap – the revolutionary multi-contact cap that delivers lightning-fast setup , and unparalleled signal quality, all in one streamlined package, with versatile and customizable electrode options offered in saline-based woolen felt or gel-based solutions, and available in a range of channel options from the compact 8-channel version to the robust 64-channel model – designed to help you achieve your recording goals with ease and precision!

Axxonet has pioneered innovation in EEG research and SuperEEG is a reminder of the same.

SuperEEG Gelless EEG sensors coupled with Axxonet’s BESS amplifiers provides an easy to use EEG array which does not require preparation or Gel.

There is no drying of Gel over time, or shorting between channels (Bald and Paediatric cases)

SuperEEG is being tested for MRI compatibility and will revolutionize the way MRI EEG recordings can be performed.It saves precious preparation time before the MRI especially with Paediatric cases.

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Our RapidCap EEG cap is designed to provide a comfortable and user-friendly solution for capturing EEG signals. Our cap is made with lightweight and flexible materials to ensure a comfortable fit for patients of all ages. With its innovative design, our RapidCap ensures accurate and reliable EEG data collection. Our cap is easy to use and allows for quick and hassle-free electrode placement, reducing patient discomfort and improving data quality. With the RapidCap, you can trust that you are capturing high-quality EEG data efficiently and effectively, providing valuable insights into brain function and improving patient outcomes.